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Sanmeigaku (sahn - may - gah - kuh) counseling offers an innovative approach to resolving the everyday challenges, struggles, and suffering of life. Your journey requires tremendous depth of observation and understanding. Sanmeigaku provides guidance towards transformative self understanding - through a time-honored and time-tested traditional body of wisdom from the Far East.

Sanmeigaku is a 4,000 year-old study from
China. The ancient Chinese people charted the movements of nature and correlated them with the patterns and rhythms of human life. The passage of the seasons, the tides, the sun and moon, sickness to health, birth to death, poverty to abundance - were all seen as intersecting cycles of energy that eternally waxed and waned. They found that people's lives and their relationships could be accurately mapped within these intersecting energy rings - revealing key indicators and markers across their lifetimes. With wisdom, a person can gracefully navigate these cycles to fulfill their true potential and destiny.


Thousands of years before the modern clock or calender, the ancient people of China observed the cycles and movements of nature. The movement and positions of the stars in the night sky, the sun and moon, the gradual changing of the seasons - within the endless rythyms of eternal change they detected patterns. Timing the planting of crops and harvests on these cyclical patterns, their very lives were interwoven within the ageless movements of the earth and sky. The ancient ones understood that as long as one worked "with" nature's patterns, then one's life would be much easier, but if one ignored or went against the natural flow of the earth's cycles - then one's very survival would be in doubt.

Sanmeigaku began to evolve over 4,000 years ago in ancient China. This study describes how the cycles of nature move within a person's life. Like the deepest ocean currents far beneath the surface waves, there are deeper movements of the earth and universe. And no matter how the surface waves move in a person's life, it is the deeper currents that carry one forward. Like reverberations of an eternal pulse, these rhythms, these undercurrents of boundless universal energy permeate through all things. Sanmeigaku identifies an individual person's unique and specific position in space and time, and the intersection points of one's life cycles with the larger cycles - the deeper currents that move the stars and the seasons. By examining a configuration of key indicators and markers, an individual can more fully understand the energy patterns of their own life, their strengths and weaknesses, potentials, essential character and natural tendencies, and the path to discovering their own destiny and true purpose in life.

The enourmous body of observations and complex depth of the ancient study have long since been lost to the common people, but have been preserved in the Sanmeigaku. The vast volumes of work have been quietly kept alive through the ages.

Nagasaki, Japan, in the late 1940's, a 5 year old Japanese boy began to learn these teachings from the 12th Chinese Master in a direct line from the original Sanmeigaku. Yoshimasa Takao became the 13th Master and opened a school in Tokyo, Japan, the Takao Gakkan.


In addition to the text-books of Sanmeigaku, Chika has read and extensively studied the eleven book compendium written by Master Takao. In this series of writings, completed just before his death, Master Takao expressed the shortfalls of relying solely on the "technique" of the Sanmeigaku, but stressed the importance of understanding the source of this study, where it came from, how it was created, and the core philosophy upon which it was built, and balancing that with the pure techniques of the study. Chika has wholeheartedly built her practice on this premise, in the understanding that one must approach the study and help clients with a "whole" perspective - the study can not be narrowed down to a partial view. One must interact with the entire individual based on the full understanding of Sanmeigaku.

Sanmeigaku Counseling in person or over the phone is available.

30 min   $100

60 min   $200

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