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Reiki Healing

The purpose and goal of Reiki healing is to promote relaxation and stress reduction as well as to strengthen natural healing abilities through the laying on of hands.

It also enhances awareness and deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe around us. Reiki is not a religion, and there is no need to "believe" in Reiki for it to work.

Reiki healing is not a substitute for modern medical science and can be used along with Western and Eastern medical science. Reiki practitioners neither prescribe medication nor diagnose medical or mental conditions.

For the Reiki healing session, please wear comfortable cloths. Do not drink alcohol on that day. After receiving the Reiki healing treatment, it is advised that you drink lots of fluids, preferably non-caffeinated.


Full Reiki Healing Session  90min   $100

Please note that this is the original Japanese form of Reiki therapy in which the recipient is fully clothed and private areas are not touched. Reiki can also be applied by hovering the hands above the body, rather than by touching, if it is so requested by the recipient.

The actual treatment takes approximately 60 minutes, and the rest of the time is used for explanation, discussion, and relaxation before and after.

Distant Reiki Healing Session  30min   $50

Even though distant healing does not involve the actual laying on of hands, it is quite affective as well. Distant healing is performed for people I personally know, my students and clients, or relatives of those.

During distant healing, it is ideal for the recipient to receive energy in a quiet relaxing environment, either sitting in a chair or lying in a comfortable posture with both palms facing up. In this way, it is easier to sense energy changes in our body and mind. 

Hospital and Hospice Visit   $200+travel cost

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