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About Chika


Chika was trained by the Japanese Master Fuminori Aoki Sensei in Japan in the art of Usui Reido Reiki. She has received her certification both as Usui Reiki Master and Usui Reido Reiki Master.

She is a graduate of the Takao Gakkan school of Sanmeigaku in Tokyo, Japan, founded by Master Yoshimasa Takao Sensei - the 13th master in a direct lineage from China. Following her completion of studies, Chika passed two additional post-graduate levels before she began her formal practice. At the end of her six years of study, she was awarded the degree of "Saii Nidan."

Chika is a National Certified Trainer and Consultant for Color Me Beautiful, and has been practicing and teaching color consultation since 1990.

She was born in Kiryu, Japan and lived most of her life in Yokohama, Japan before she moved to Denver, Colorado in 1999.

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